Gather Intelligent Data

Gather Data Diligently

Collect the most intelligent data, without making the users feel any burden through your app. Capture not only user events, but also the time taken for each event and interaction pattern along with the app’s performance at any instant.

Probe into your users’ usage in multiple dimensions so you never have to miss out on any analysis. Get an instant overview of how the important events and user activities are performing, by customising your dashboard for them.

Truly Understand Your Users

Put your user at the centre of analysis – both quantitative and qualitative. Use behavioral cohorts that can be easily analysed and get insights that are actionable. Zoom into individual user journeys for micro analysis.

Understand user habits, swiftly get a play by play of their sessions, launch quick surveys to understand them better or view in depth metrics of their usage.

Understand user
Get Actionable Insights

Get Actionable Insights

Correlate user behaviours with your KPIs and quickly identify opportunity segments of the users you can retain or nudge to convert. Get to know the behaviours that lead to increased user retention, activation and conversions and promote them. Uncover the why behind what your users do, be it dropping off or uninstalling the app.

Act in The Right Context in Real-Time

Launch insight driven actions on your app’s users in real-time. Nudge them contextually with walkthroughs, in-app messages, tooltips, coach marks and more. Apxor’s real time action toolkit helps you craft seamless Onboarding experiences, boost feature discovery and adoption and provide habit forming in app experiences for your customers.

Act in the right context

Loved by our customers

Apxor has become an indispensable tool for our product from the time we integrated it. We are always acting on the rich insights that Apxor delivers and achieving concrete results. The team at Apxor is just as great as their platform. They are innovative, put the customer first and are quick to answer any queries.

Srini Koppulu

Srini Koppulu CEO, NewsPlus

Ever since we integrated with Apxor, it has been of immense value to us. We got specific insights into user behavior and with this we were able to improve certain KPIs. The team is quite agile and understood our needs and catered with their insights and inputs.

Ravi Mittal

Ravi Mittal CEO, QuackQuack

We integrated Apxor in the early stage and they have consistently rolled out the right insights that helped us iterate our product quicker. We highly appreciate the critical insights they provide and have made them an integral part of our mobile strategy.

Ashok Reddy

Ashok Reddy CEO, GrabOn

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